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I prefer to be called Tony.

I would have called my website tonysmith.com but a jazz sax player from New York got to the domain first.

Please bear with me! Parts of the site are still under construction.

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About me

So... you're looking for a freelance copywriter?

You've come to the right place.

I create hard-working, carefully crafted, strategically driven communications for a broad range of clients, large and small.  

I also work closely with a number of very talented designers, art directors and illustrators. So if you need design support for your project, it's easily arranged!
In a copywriting career spanning 15 years, I have worked in agencies and in-house marketing roles in Brisbane, Singapore and the UK. I am:

  • An experienced all-rounder, and a CRM specialist.
  •  Tried and tested across a wide range of briefs and brands.
  •  A strong conceptual thinker, with the patience to craft long copy.
  •  Equally committed to the small details and the big idea.


Why me?


Anyone can be a writer. Right?

Copywriting is a craft like any other, and as the old saying goes – practice makes perfect.

So if you want to bring out the best in your communications, it pays to work with a professional wordsmith that can really get your copy singing.   There's a world of difference between good copy and so-so stuff.  

Good copy has the power to influence opinions, inspire action and drive sales. It moves and motivates readers, bringing the best out in a communication. For this reason, it's a good investment for any business.      

The opposite is true of bad copy, which can create a poor – and lasting – impression on any business.


Here’s what you can expect when you partner with a pro writer – like me:

  •  Compelling copy that works hard and doesn’t waste words.
  •  Reliability, value for money and swift turnarounds.
  •  Adherence to your tone of voice – or help in creating it.
  •  Friendly service and flexible working arrangements
  •  Strong presentation skills and strategic insight.


Experience counts


I’ve worked with a large number of blue-chip clients, in Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and the UK.

These include household names such as MasterCard, Cisco, Barclays, Tiger Beer, Suncorp, Nestle, RACQ, Lenovo, Santos-GLNG and QSuper.

As a result, I know what to expect from big businesses with tight timelines, high standards and savvy stakeholders. In other words... no hand holding required.

After 15 years writing copy, I’ve had a go at most things. So if you don’t see what you’re looking for opposite, just ask me.

I can help you with your:
  • Advertising
  • Brand positioning and tone
  • Corporate communications
  • Copywriting training courses
  • Direct marketing
  • E-mail campaigns
  • Editorial articles
  • HR / Internal comms
  • Marketing communications
  • Newsletters
  • Presentations & tenders
  • Product brochures
  • Web copy

2012- Owner: Antony Smith Copywriter

2009- Senior Copywriter: Decoder, Brisbane

2007- Senior Copywriter: McCann Worldgroup, Singapore

2005- Senior Copywriter: Band Pty Ltd, Singapore

2001- Copywriter: Direct Marketing Partnership (DMP), UK

1998- Copywriter: Domestic & General Insurance, UK





  • Tony, you’re a talented chap! It’s not always easy to find good freelancers, so it’s nice to know there’s always one I can rely on!

    D.A Creative Director, Singapore
  • Tony is an accomplished writer who brings with him a world of experience. He writes beautifully from the brand and creates strategically strong, insightful work that grabs the right people’s attention.

    S.S Marketing Manager, London
  • On time. On brief. Within budget. Time after time. Who can ask for more?

    K.R Marketing Manager, London
  • It was such a relief to be able to hand the project over and say ‘over to you'. Your copy was outstanding and answered the proposition to a ‘T’.

    G.E Marketing Director, London
  • Tony is a true all-rounder. Strong conceptually, but with long copy skills and genuine passion for the craft. He’s one of the hardest-working writers around, and also one of the nicest. So if you're looking for a professional, reliable and highly-skilled wordsmith, Tony's your man.

    C.H Creative Director, Brisbane


CS Lewis          



Nescafe Saint or Sinner

brand web

Tiger Uncovered

brand corporate-comms

UPS Eggs


Nestle Nespray

brand dm

Iron Bark Ridge Nursery

brand dm

Ergon Energy DM Pack


CQUniversity I’m Choosing

brand dm print web


brand corporate-comms dm

MasterCard Twin Win Web Banners

dm web

Lives Lived Well

brand corporate-comms internal-comms web

QTMB Loan Ads

brand print


brand dm

Allianz Worldcare

dm web

Cisco Managed Services

brand corporate-comms print

GIO Stage is Set

internal-comms print

Suncorp Share Trade

dm web

QSuper Centenary

brand corporate-comms

Citrix Netscaler


Santos GLNG Matisse

brand corporate-comms print

InterDynamics Website

brand corporate-comms web

B&R Enclosures

brand internal-comms print

MBC Brand Ads

brand corporate-comms print

GIO Best Seats in the House

brand internal-comms print


brand print


I can’t take any credit for the design work you see in the samples above. (I know my limitations)

I’m just lucky to have worked with some very talented designers, photographers, illustrators and art directors, who have a nice habit of making my work look good.  


In no particular order, my thanks go to:

  • Band Pte Ltd, Singapore
  • Nick Pty Ltd, Brisbane
  • Lloyd Grey Design, Brisbane
  • Decoder, Brisbane
  • McCann Worldgroup, Singapore
  • Paddy Hall Creative, UK
  • Chris Dixon Design, Brisbane.


Contact me


Let's talk copy.

If you’ve got a specific brief in mind, or have an ongoing copy requirement, I’d love to hear from you.
If I’m not the best person to manage your brief, I’ll tell you up front – and do my best to put you in touch with the right people.

Thanks for stopping by!

You can contact me at copywriter1@me.com or on +61 466 404 858